League Of Legends Getting Pizza And Fried Chicken Skins For 'April Foods' Day

League of Legends is taking a vacation the place pretend issues occur and releasing actual DLC. A few of it is paid, a few of it is free.

Probably the most notable highlights are three actual skins. One clothes up Sivir as a pizza supply lady, changing her signature crossblade with a pizza she will be able to hurl at enemies. The second turns Galio right into a fried rooster mascot, which I am sort of stunned hasn’t occurred earlier. The third provides Draven a pores and skin that provides him an outsized head. Becoming!

Additionally within the combine are new icons, emotes, colour choices, and new Birdie capsules and luggage (which include new objects to purchase), a brand new map, new missions to unlock in-game forex and objects, and bundles. For the total breakdown of what you may get and the way, try the full blog post.

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