7 Fighting Game Characters That Break The Mold (And How)

Ah, fighting games. For many, many years, these games have pit two (or more) players against each other, along with their knowledge of matchups, counter-picks, combos, and spacing. Games like these are contingent on balance between the characters and their gameplay relationships to other fighters; however, sometimes fighting game characters can have unique mechanics that shake up the whole state of the game. Here are a few of those characters and how they changed up the traditional gameplay of their respective series.
It can be difficult to innovate with a specific character in a competitive genre. These characters show the ups and downs of being unique, faithfully adapted, and pitted against iconic fighting characters. Each can be fun to play in their own way, as well as infuriating to play against. Such is the way of the fighting game. 
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Source: Gameinformer