A Detective Pikachu Game Is Coming To Switch

Detective Pikachu has had a bit of an odd path so far. The release was announced to be episodic, but only the first episode came out in Japan while the wait for the rest of the story continued. A second episode was eventually announced along with an English localization and, around the same time, an intention to release the now decidedly popular Detective Pikachu movie. Today, The Pokemon Company announced another new Detective Pikachu game, this time for Switch.

There aren’t a lot of details, beyond just a mention that the game will continue the Detective Pikachu game story. It is not clear if the first Detective Pikachu episodes will be coming to Switch as well or if this is solely an isolated game, either.

It is likely more details will be announced down the line, but one presumes this announcement was made to ride the momentum of the movie.

Source: Gameinformer