A Look Inside The Square Enix Cafe In Akihabara

Tokyo Game Show is upon us, and we’re currently in Japan to cover the show. As we do every year, it wouldn’t be a trip without showing you some of the cool gaming-related stuff around, which includes dedicated restaurants and cafes to some of the most popular Japanese gaming franchises. This year, we had the pleasure of visiting the Square Enix Cafe in Akihabara, which currently has a Final Fantasy XIV collaboration going on. The cafe is filled with memorabilia from all of Square’s franchises, such as Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts to even the niche SaGa and Octopath Traveler. Then there’s the food and drinks, which are all designed to showcase various characters and places from the games. Since it was Final Fantasy XIV’s time to shine, all the food we ordered represented that game. You can check out our extensive galleries below to get a sense of the atmosphere and food.

The first gallery showcases the locale and memorbillia on display

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This second gallery is all about the food and drinks AKA the presentation

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Want to learn more about the cafe or even visit yourself? You can do at the official site here. 


Source: Gameinformer