A New Star Wars Jedi Game Is Something EA CEO "Would Love To See"

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson in a recent earnings call said he “would love to see” another entry in developer Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi series, although he didn’t have any official announcements to make at this time.

When asked during the Q&A portion of EA’s first quarter earnings call how the publisher would approach the Star Wars franchise in the future in regards to live services and “ongoing engagement,” Wilson said EA didn’t have anything to announce at this time. However, Wilson said EA has a great partnership with Disney and Lucasfilm and has found incredible success with games like Star Wars Battlefront, the popular Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes mobile game, and the Star Wars Jedi series.

“Our teams are always thinking about what are new experiences that we might be able to create,” Wilson said. “Certainly, I would love to see more in the Jedi franchise over time. It’s just an extraordinary game that tells an extraordinary story. And again, we might be a little biased, but our sense based on the feedback we’ve been getting from our community and the quality of that product, it’s one of the great beats in the Star Wars galaxy this year and will likely continue to be a very meaningful part of that galaxy for many years to come.”

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Source: Gamespot