After All These Years, Eiji Aonuma Still Gets Excited At The Idea Of Collaborating With Shigeru Miyamoto

This past week at E3 2019, I caught up with Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma to talk about the upcoming Link’s Awakening remake, the newly announced Breath of the Wild sequel, and plenty of other topics.

During a small portion of the interview, I bring up how his career has progressed over the two decades he’s been creating Zelda titles. According to Aonuma, the early days required him to roll up his sleeves and do much of the work himself. “One thing that definitely has changed is that in the beginning, I had to create a bunch of things on my own, but now I have a great team with great people with different skills to help me create things together,” he says.

When asked about his collaboration with other Nintendo producers like Shigeru Miyamoto or Takashi Tezuka, Aonuma focuses on the notion of collaborating with Miyamoto. “It’s very interesting that you bring up Mr. Miyamoto,” he says with a chuckle. “I’ve never thought of it as collaborating with him! Now that you’ve phrased it that way, I think, ‘Oh, working with Mr. Miyamoto is a collaboration.’ That’s kind of exciting!”

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Source: Gameinformer