Ahead Of Open Beta, Here's A Deeper Look At Fortnite-Like Shooter Hawked

What is Hawked? The new game from developer Upwake.Me might look like a Fortnite-like battle royale that’s gunning for Epic’s popular battle royale, but beyond the familiar stylized visuals and vibrant colors, it’s a completely different game at heart. Ahead of its free open beta period from August 3-17, a new gameplay trailer has gone live for the game and offers a deep dive into its extraction shooter mechanics, the mysterious island that you’ll explore, the monsters that you’ll battle, and the loot that you’ll fight tooth and nail for.

As shown in the trailer, Hawked’s social space is a submarine filled with good vibes, shooting ranges, and a quartermaster who’ll buy the artifacts that you’ve recovered. Once you’re ready to explore X-Isle, you’ll be tasked with collecting five valuable glyphs from across the island alongside your fellow players who are known as Renegades. These locations are guarded by dangerous monsters and using these glyphs will unlock a treasury full of loot that you can turn in for rewards, if you can survive the extraction process.

You’ll be able to equip up to two weapons–which are available in three quality levels–powerful items can be found scattered across X-Isle, and some treasure can be claimed by solving puzzles. While there’s no shortage of monsters and beasts to watch out for on this island, the real danger here are the roving squads of Renegades who are looking to steal your loot from you. Death isn’t the end as you can be revived at designated checkpoints by your teammates, but you’ll be brought back to life without any loot, weapons, or items on you.

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Source: Gamespot