Apex Legends Season 17 Did Not Meet EA's Financial Expectations

EA’s latest earnings call with investors revealed that Season 17 of Apex Legends fell short of their financial expectations. Despite the game maintaining an impressive 18 million active monthly players, the new gameplay variations and monetization introduced in Season 17 failed to generate the anticipated revenue.

During the call, EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, acknowledged the strength of Apex Legends as one of the industry’s top franchises but expressed disappointment with Season 17’s financial performance. Stuart Canfield, the CFO of EA, further elaborated in his prepared remarks, “Apex Legends is a highly successful original IP for EA with a strong community of loyal core players. This quarter, net bookings were below expectations largely driven by underperformance from Season 17.”

“We’ve seen these ebbs and flows in and around our live-services, and certainly we’ve seen that within the context of Apex,” Wilson said during the live call. “We came off record levels in Season 16. The team made some really interesting and creative and innovative changes in Season 17 that didn’t meet our expectations. It’s also relevant to note that we went into a very competitive quarter. The team has worked diligently to make very quick changes and respond to community feedback and community reactions. We are already starting to see momentum as we go through our current quarter.”

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Source: Gamespot