Apex Legends Season 18 Patch Notes Confirm Disruptor Rounds Are Returning

Apex Legends Season 18: Resurrection is just a few hours away, and Respawn has given players a detailed look at all the changes coming to the game this season via Season 18’s patch notes and the Resurrection battle pass trailer, both of which were released this morning.

In addition to the known changes, like “Revenant Reborn” and a new animated series, Season 18 will also see the Charge Rifle get a complete overhaul. Additionally, Ranked Mode rewards will also receive some changes, with Ranked-exclusive skydive trails being removed and replaced with banner frames instead. But the patch notes revealed some other interesting changes to gameplay, like the reintroduction of the Disruptor Rounds and Selectfire Receiver weapon hop-ups.

Revenant Reborn

Though Revenant’s new ability set was confirmed last week, the Season 18 patch notes revealed an additional detail: Revenant’s new legend class. Currently, he’s an Assault-class legend, but when he’s “reborn” on August 8, he’ll be moved to the movement-focused Skirmisher legend class, which will give him the class-exclusive Care Package Insight perk. This perk allows Revenant to see (and ping) Care Packages–and the highest-tier loot item inside them–through walls, terrain, and other obstacles.

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Source: Gamespot