Apex Legends Season 20 Patch Notes Include Major Changes To Ranked, Crafting, And Legends

Apex Legends Season 20: Breakout launches Tuesday, February 13, and developer Respawn Entertainment has just released patch notes for what it’s calling the biggest update since the game’s 2019 launch.

From major changes to the crafting system to the removal of EVO Shields and reintroduction of mid-season splits in Ranked Mode, Season 20 has a lot going on. Keep reading for a breakdown of the biggest changes coming to the game when Season 20 goes live.

One interesting feature coming to the game this season is the addition of “Breakout Rewards.” Every two weeks for the entirety of the season, a new Legend will become playable, even if they haven’t been unlocked yet. During this time, a series of challenges will become available for players to complete, and those who do will permanently unlock the Legend, free of charge. But even if you’ve already unlocked every Legend, these challenges are still worth doing, as players who complete all challenges will earn additional rewards like the Top Tier reactive Flatline weapon skin (Legendary) and the Runaway Renegade Wraith Legend skin (Legendary).

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Source: Gamespot