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Apple AirTag 4-Pack Gets Nice Price Cut At Amazon

AirTags may not be the most exciting products in the Apple catalog, but there’s no denying their utility. Whether you use them to track luggage, keys, or even your car, AirTags are a great way to ensure your valuables never go missing. They’re also perfect for students heading back to school–as plopping one in a backpack means you’ll never lose track of your schoolwork or books ever again.

As part of Target’s Circle Week sale, you can save on Apple AirTags through April 13. Amazon is matching Target’s deals, but as usual, we’d expect Amazon to sell out before Target.

While AirTags are fairly standard location trackers, they have a few features that set them apart from the competition. For one, they’re incredibly easy to set up–a single tap can connect them to your iPhone and get them ready for use. They also support Ultra-Wideband technology, which offers precise coordinates and enhanced tracking skills.

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