Ark: Survival Ascended Metal Farming Locations And Guide

How to get metal in Ark Survival Ascended is something you’ll need to figure out pretty fast if you want to upgrade your tools, base, and pretty much everything else you need to survive. Even if you find a lot of the resource early on, you can’t make much of it until later. A special forge turns your metal into something that’s actually usable. This guide explains where to find metal in Ark Survival Ascended and what to do with it once you’ve got some.

Metal locations

Raw metal only reliably comes from one kind of resource nodes: rock mounds with shiny, glittery spots.

You may get metal while mining any node or piece of rock, but you won’t get much of it. That’s fine if you just need a few pieces of metal for a single crafting project, but once you start digging into base-building and equipment crafting, you’ll need to take a trip around the island and dig into metal nodes specifically.

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