Avowed Originally Had Multiplayer Co-Op

Obsidian Entertainment revealed that its upcoming RPG, Avowed, originally had multiplayer co-op before the studio pivoted to make it a single-player game.

In the fifth and final part of Obsidian’s 20th-anniversary documentary, founder Feargus Urquhart explained that he pushed for multiplayer co-op in Avowed back when the studio was still independent. “It was a more interesting game to publishers,” he said. “When you’re asking for $50, $60, $70, or $80 million, you got to have something interesting to talk about, and multiplayer made it interesting.”

Head of development Justin Birch added, “We were too focused on co-op, too focused on changing how our pipelines worked, the way we write conversations, the way we write quests, and everything else.”

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Source: Gamespot