Axiom Verge 2 Is Heading To Switch In 2020

Thomas Happ Games is making a sequel to the hit 2015 game, but it sounds a bit like a prequel, as it explores the origins of the series’ universe. The game was unveiled today through a short trailer that debuted during Nintendo’s Indie World video.

Axiom Verge is a Metroid-style series that is a bit unique in that it is created by just one person, Tom Happ. He handles the art, programming, music, and animation, thus the lengthy development time between the first entry and the sequel.

In the trailer for Axiom Verge 2, we are again invited open up new paths in a sprawling side-scrolling world using a wide variety of abilities. We see the new protagonist detonate herself to blow out a rock wall, and also let loose a small alien to navigate a tight gap. The trailer ends with a fall 2020 release date.

Axiom Verge received a high rating of 9.25 out of 10 from Game Informer’s Bryan Vore, who praised the nostalgic play. “Throughout my time with Axiom Verge I was constantly excited to explore strange worlds, gain game-changing powerups, and fire off a new gun for the first time,” he said. “Almost everything you pick up feels meaningful, unlike collecting overabundant missile-capacity expansions that you don’t even need. I heartily applaud Tom Happ’s first solo effort. It’s incredible that he was able to nail every component of game creation in one package. I’ll wait as long as it takes for him to build a follow-up.”

Source: Gameinformer