Bandai Namco Opening Up Studio Focused On Mobile Games

Today Bandai Namco Entertainment, the publisher behind games like Jump Force, Soul Calibur VI, and Dragon Ball FighterZ, revealed today it is getting into mobile games in a big way. According to the publisher, Bandai Namco Mobile won’t be a division within another developer but instead an entire studio for that purpose.

The studio will be set up in Barcelona, with Bandai Namco Mobile COO saying “The city is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it’s also the hotbed for international video game development and home to the best talent the mobile industry has to offer.”

The studio is set to open in 2020 and hirings will happen in the “coming months.” Bandai Namco Mobile hasn’t said which, if any, of its properties will be getting a mobile game.

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Mobile games bring in a ridiculous amount of money. Bandai Namco is responsible for publishing game adaptations of some of the most popular anime (Dragon Ball, One Piece, My Hero Academia). Bandai Namco has released plenty of mobile games and they have been successful, so it’s no surprise the company thinks a mobile studio is a worthwhile investment.

Source: Gameinformer