Become The Only Person To Own This Special Narita Boy Arcade Cabinet

Narita Boy is a stylish game that lives and breathes the 1980s, but Studio Koba and Team17 are taking that nostalgia to the next level with the announcement of Narita Boy: Techno Edition. This premium version of the game is a one-of-a-kind bundle includes an arcade cabinet of the game along with other goodies, and it may or may not already be gone by the time you’re reading this.

For the cheap price of $11,000 you can own a full-sized arcade cabinet of one of the year’s most stylish action-adventure games. Once again, this is the only cabinet that will be available for private ownership. But that’s not all! Techno Edition also includes a custom controller, copies of Narita Boy for the platforms its available on (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC), a gift box of merchandise, the game’s original soundtrack, and augmented reality pins by Pininfinity, the storefront responsible for putting the Techno Edition together.  

At the time of publishing, the bundle is still available for sale (though a few folks seem to have it in their carts). If you’ve got the cash and the room space, you can purchase the Techno Edition here. 

If you think $11,000 is too much, take solace in knowing the proceeds from the sale will fund Narita Boy’s Saving The Arcade World campaign. The initiative helps raise money and awareness for video game preservation in partnership with museums around the globe. Remember when I said Techno Edition has the only cabinet created for private ownership? That’s because three other Narita Boy cabinets exist but they’ll only be exhibited in the museums participating in the campaign: The Strong: The National Museum of Play in New York, The National Videogames Museum in Sheffield, England, and Arcade Vintage: Museo de VideoJuego in Alicante, Spain. 

I enjoyed Narita Boy overall despite some issues with its platforming, giving it a 7.75 out of 10. As I said in my review “Still, as much as I didn’t like gingerly hopping across platforms and would yell “come on!” after failing another difficult combat arena, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Narita Boy’s style once the dust settled. I love every inch of its wonderfully designed world, and the gameplay is good enough to carry the adventure. In a way, it’s like booting up an old computer. If you can put up with the cumbersome interface and some outdated design, there’s a beauty and appreciation in how it still manages to get the job done.” You can read my full review here. 

So, do any of you have $11,000 laying around and want to nab this special cabinet? Share your thoughts and bank account numbers in the comments below!

Source: Gameinformer