Bethesda Announces Ghostwire Tokyo From Tango Gameworks

At the Bethesda conference, Resident Evil and Vanquish developer Shinji Mikami came out on stage to announce the newest game from Tango Gameworks, which made both The Evil Within games. Titled Ghostwire Tokyo, the new game is explained as a third-person adventure game where the player character is investigating why people in the Japanese capitol city are suddenly disappearing.

A trailer, which we will post as soon as it is uploaded, shows people disappearing out of their clothes all of a sudden and things like animals and cars and some remaining people being left behind. The trailer is full of creepy imagery that Mikami is known for and features things like people wearing Oni masks and a Sadako-like ghost appearing.

The player character appeared to be a man in a closed hood wielding a bow and arrow.

No date or platforms were given.

Source: Gameinformer