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Biomutant Character Creator Breakdown (4K)

Click here to watch embedded media When developer Experiment 101 announced Biomutant back in 2017, gamers were instantly charmed with its beautiful dystopian play space. But what’s a bizarre anthropomorphic world without a weird yet charming main character? In today’s video, Marcus Stewert and I are giving you an in-depth look at how to create your character in this new open-world RPG.

One of the strong selling points of Biomutant thus far is the game’s ability to allow players to have a lot of creative freedom while making their new furry friends. At the beginning of the game, those who pick up a controller will be tasked with customizing everything from the protagonist’s physical features and colors, to their class and stats. Now, I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t exactly a revolutionary advancement in the RPG space. But players who do pick up Biomutant (or watch this awesome video) will find something deeper. 

You’ll have six different breeds to choose from, and once you’ve decided on if you’ll be a Dumdon, Primal, Rex, Murgel, Hyla, or Fip, you’ll be tasked with changing the creature’s appearance even more when choosing which stats to prioritize. That’s not even including the multitude of different classes, colors, and environmental resistances you can choose from as well.

This level of customization is exciting to me. I love the idea that my Fip Commando is going to look and play very differently from Marcus’ Primal Psi-Freak, and I’m excited to see what the community comes up with when the game releases later this month.

Thanks as always for watching. If you’re hungry to learn more about Biomutant, be sure to check out our latest 4K New Gameplay Today, Marcus’ breakdown of 20 questions and answers about the game from his time chatting with the developer, and an official look at the title’s sprawling open-world.

Biomutant will be launching on May 25 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Gameinformer

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