Blizzard Teases Possible Backstory Of Next Overwatch Hero

Blizzard uploaded a mysterious document today on its PlayOverwatch website. The report details a clandestine operation in Haiti. A small task force is charged with securing or – if resistance is met – eliminating a Talon VIP by the name of Jean-Baptiste Augustin. In the document, Dr. Cuerva, leader of the aforementioned unit, mentions Baptiste’s unmatched skill as a medic and weapon specialist. 

Now that Year of the Pig has ended, players are setting their sights on the next scheduled event: Archives. Past iterations have primarily focused on hero backstories, so this year will likely be more of the same. In light of today’s hint, speculation is two-fold: this Cuerva Strike Team report could be revealing Archives’ newest objective as well as providing much-anticipated information on “Hero 30.” 

Let us know what you’ve deduced from the document in the comments below. 

[Source: PlayOverwatch]

Source: Gameinformer