PlayStation Plus Members Getting For Honor, Increased Cloud Storage In February

Sony has announced February’s free games for PlayStation Plus members – one handles its violence stealthily, the other not so much: Hitman: The Complete First Season and For Honor.

These two games are available starting February 5 until March 5.

Meanwhile, PS3 and Vita owners get Divekick (PS3, cross-buy with Vita), Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3), Gunhouse (Vita, cross-buy with PS4), and Rogue Aces (Vita, cross-buy with PS4) until March 8. This batch of PS3 and Vita titles are the last ones for the platforms through PlayStation Plus.

Members can download all free titles to their collection during these times, and they remain in your library as long as you are a member of the service.

PlayStation Plus members are also getting a big bonus in early February: Sony is upping members’ cloud storage from 10GB to 100GB.

Finally, members with PSVR can grab savings on select PSVR titles such as Borderlands 2 VR and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Gold Edition until February 5.

[Source: Official PlayStation Blog]

Source: Gameinformer

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