PC Is Getting Its Own Version Of Xbox Game Pass

Today, Microsoft laid out a snippet of its roadmap for E3 and beyond by revealing the company is bringing its subscription-based Xbox Game Pass to PC…sort of. According to Microsoft, this version of the pass will give subscribers access to “over 100 titles” like its console-sibling, but it seems the games will likely different for the PC version of the pass. Microsoft says that though the pass’ title is the same, this pass “is a new experience that we are building together with the PC community.” The company is working with Bethesda, Devolver Digital, Deep Silver, Sega, and other publishers to fill the pass with unrevealed titles.

Head Of Xbox Phil Spencer detailed the reasoning behind the decision in a detailed announcement post on Xbox’s site.

Nowhere is that belief more important than on the PC. As the creators of Windows, we have a unique responsibility to ensure we’re investing in experiences that benefit players everywhere, while respecting the PC community’s preference for an open, highly customizable platform.

Alongside bringing the pass to PC, Spencer says that future Xbox titles like Gears 5 and the Age Of Empires collection will be hitting Steam (while also hinting that Xbox games could also come to other PC storefronts as well). Spencer offered no details on pricing or when the pass would be hitting the platform but promised more details to come at E3.

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There’s sure to be a fair amount of confusion over what the name implies (why not just call it PC Gaming Pass?) and it’s hard to gauge whether or not this is a good deal given how much of this information about the titles and subscription itself are under lock and key until E3. However, the idea of Microsoft offering a similar subscription service model for PC players (and branching out to other storefronts) is a promising setup for those who prefer to game on their PC.

Source: Gameinformer

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