Who Can Build The Best Haunted House In Dragon Quest Builders 2?

Click here to watch embedded media A little over a week ago, Kyle and I battled it out to see who could build the best restaurant in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Leo Vader served as our (supposedly) impartial judge. It was a rigged contest that favored mediocrity and brute force over good design and hard work, but what can you do? Today, we’re back with another challenge: Who can build the best haunted house? Will Leo redeem himself this time? Watch and find out!

As you can see, Kyle and I have different ideas about what a haunted house is. Are they thrilling, guided amusement-park-like rides, where participants get scared out of their wits by clearly marked moments? Or are they more experiential places where attendees soak up the atmosphere on their own? Both have their merits, but only one of us can win! Check it out! And be sure to read my review here, too.

Source: Gameinformer

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