Riot's Tom Cannon Confirms The Studio Is Working On A Fighting Game

Today EVO founder and Riot employee Tom Cannon confirmed some big news: Riot is in fact working on a fighting game. Calling it “the worst-kept secret in the universe,” Cannon revealed the news at EVO. “I can confirm we are working on a fighting game for Riot,” he said excitedly. This would be Riot’s first big project since its juggernaut League of Legends. 

Cannon quickly followed up the announcement by saying, “The reason we did Rising Thunder in the first place was because we felt like fighting games deserve to be enjoyed by way more people. As big as things are, we think they have the potential to get bigger.”

Cannon started EVO with his twin brother Tony and their friends back in 2005. He and Tony, along with fighting game icon Seth Killian, joined forces with Riot back in 2016, spurring rumors about what their involvement would be.

While no specifics were revealed about the game, it’s great to see the project confirmed.

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Source: Gameinformer

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