Borderlands 3 And Elder Scrolls Online Join A Dozen Games Coming To Stadia

Click to watch embedded media Google Stadia arrives this November, and it looks like it’s going to launch with a sizable lineup of games. During today’s Gamescom Stadia Connect livestream, Google announced two of these games are the highly anticipated Borderlands 3, as well as the long-running MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online.

Other additions to the line up are Darksiders Genesis, Destroy All Humans 3, Mortal Kombat 11, Super Hot, Farming Simulator 19, Samurai Shodown, Grid, Doom Eternal, Attack on Titan 2, Windjammers 2, and Kine. Latency in twitch-based games like Mortal Kombat 11 and Doom Eternal continue to be a point of concern for this streaming device, but Google and publishers appear to be all in on the technology.

Google also announced Stadia support for 2020 games Cyberpunk 2077 and Watch Dogs Legion.

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Source: Gameinformer