Boyfriend Dungeon Preview – Where Bloodlust Meets, Well, Lust

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Publisher: Kitfox Games

Developer: Kitfox Games

Platform: Switch, PC

You ever look at a dagger and think, “Man, I really wish I could date that thing?” Well, you’re in luck because Boyfriend Dungeon lets you do just that. Boyfriend Dungeon is the latest adventure from Kitfox Games, and it’s about as weird as it sounds. In this dungeon-crawler, you’re not just fighting with weapons; you’re wooing them too. Its hilarious pick-up lines, desirable romance options, and colorful world all blend to form an enjoyable experience that anyone can jump into. 

In Boyfriend Dungeon, you can create the character you want. While the character creation tool is limited, you can choose basic options like different hair colors, pronouns, and general vibe. Tasked with clearing out the creatures in the “dunj” (starting with the mall), you’re suddenly thrust into a world where even the simplest weapon can be more than it appears. What a crazy coincidence that they all also happen to be ridiculously hot. 

Starting out, you’re acquainted with a humble room with a mirror to make character changes, a phone to make dates with, and a table to craft gifts on. Root out monster infestations, schedule a little lovin’ on the side; it’s a typical Tuesday night here in Boyfriend Dungeon with humor that fans of games like Dream Daddy will appreciate. 

There are seven diverse romance options to choose from, all with wildly different personality types. There’s Isaac, the Estoc weapon, who is known for his spiffy stylish sense and sharp wit. There’s Valeria, who is a dagger, that warns you away from bad boy Sunder (who is a Talwar). She’ll warn you that her BFF is a player and will offer you a chance to dance with her instead. She’s pretty dope, so I wooed her the most with my time in the game, but man, that inner angsty teen in me really wanted to pull for Sunder. 

There is also Seven, a Lasersaber, that is every K-pop fan’s dream come true, while Sawyer, who is a Glaive, is just the cutest person in the whole wide world but also known for being straight to the point. Rowan is a Scythe and a mystic and is perfect for those fellow introverts out there that just want to spend time with their plants. I get it. 

During my time with the game, I met three of the weapons alongside a few other dating options, and I loved how each person felt wholly unique. Too often, with games like these, there’s the trap of trying to present the “ideal” love interest. The original vision gets convoluted with either a copy/paste formula for characters or completely disrupting the game’s cohesion. Boyfriend Dungeon keeps it simple, pulling from popular “types” and putting a creative spin on them. Even the characters I didn’t have any personal interest in were still entertaining to talk to, and I felt like they had a lot to offer this world with their unique perspectives, weapon abilities, and text chat style. 

Each character felt inclusive without feeling forced, and the story’s progression feels intuitive in the way that makes you want to keep playing. The dungeon crawling mechanics are also straightforward, using the top-down visuals for combat and Sailor Moon-inspired transformations for when the weapons turn into their alternate forms. It’s a fun game that is easy to tank time into without feeling like you “have” to play a certain way. It’s a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and makes that point right up front, permitting players to let themselves enjoy a whimsical and comedic tale without feeling like the weight of the world’s philosophy is on your shoulders. 

It’s a classic tale: person sees weapon. Person dates weapon. Person and weapon fall in love. Person and weapon murder the crap out of monsters. 

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Boyfriend Dungeon will release on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime later this year. It will also be on Xbox Game Pass, giving those interested a chance to try before buying. 

Source: Gameinformer