Bugsnax Are Actual Snacks Now With These Delicious Fan Creations

Bugnsax is the PlayStation 5 launch title that everyone is talking (or talkin’) about and the adorably cannibalized snacks-driven story is on everyone’s minds. For those that can’t stop thinking about the adorably weird (still not convinced it’s not horror) title, one food blogger shared their creative and tasty way they are paying homage to the latest Sony and PC adventure. 

Victoria goes by Pixelated Provisions on their website, sharing their creative takes on some of the most delicious foods seen in video games. From exact replicas of in-game recipes to creative spins on popular adventures, you’re going to get very hungry very quickly when looking through this site. 

Her latest addition is putting the snax in Bugsnax with an adorable Cinnasnail and Flabjackarak. The latter has bacon, so it’s pretty awesome. 

“Although I haven’t had a chance to play Bugsnax yet, I’m already appreciative of all the food that went into the game,” says Victoria in their latest blog post. “There are so many delicious Bugsnax in the trailers and videos, and knowing there are 100 in total, I don’t know what my favorite will end up being. But for now, I’d have to say the Cinnasnail is my number one favorite. I’ll always make an excuse to make cinnamon buns, and if I can get creative with how they cook and what ingredients go into them to make them part bug and part snack? All the better. When I get to play through Bugsnax, I’m definitely going to round up as many cinnasnails as possible for myself. It’ll be hard to share them!”

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Simple to make with an easy-to-do repositioning of your standard cinna roll, the recipes they share are easy to follow, fun to complete, and delicious to eat. Their Flapjackarak creation is just as easy to do with a simple Bugsnax spin on pancakes and bacon. And googly eyes, you can’t forget the googly eyes: 

Victoria has the full recipe for creating the pancakes from scratch over on their blog, seen right here. You can also see other yummy recipes from game franchises like Final Fantasy, Yakuza, The Elder Scrolls, and so much more. 

Bugsnax is host to a ton of surprisingly (and frighteningly) delicious-looking creatures. Which Bugsnax toon would you like to see recipe of next? Shout out those hungry thoughts in the comment section below. You can also learn about Bugsnax with our full review here. 

Source: Gameinformer