Bungie Says The Days Of Destiny 2 Cheat-Makers Are Numbered

The last couple of years have seen Destiny 2 developer Bungie take a hardline stance against cheaters, and in a new court case, the company has delivered its strongest warning yet. In a case filed against cheat-maker Ring-1 on August 1, Bungie said that “the days of Destiny 2 cheaters being free to engage in a wholesale assault on the Destiny 2 game and its community without fear of consequences are over.”

Bungie had initially taken Ring-1 to court in 2021, and the company reached a settlement with three of the four named defendants in that case in late 2022 (via Torrentfreak). The fourth defendant failed to respond to the suit, resulting in Bungie requesting a default judgment of $2.2 million. The judge rejected Bungie’s request, ruling that since the fourth defendant was “not an original developer of the software or an original participant in the Ring-1 enterprise” and had a role similar to that of a “customer service representative,” they would not have to pay any damages.

In the new lawsuit against Ring-1, Bungie is pursuing 10 named defendants and 40 “John Does” in its case. Bungie’s previous court cases against cheat-makers have set new legal precedents, and it says that those lawsuits “have repeatedly confirmed that the sale and use of cheat software violates a raft of federal and state laws, breaches users’ contracts with Bungie (the Limited Software License Agreement that users accept to gain access to Destiny 2) and is a basis for significant tort liability.”

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Source: Gamespot