Capcom Announces The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, Finally Bringing The Series Westward

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Ace Attorney director Shu Takumi had some big news this morning for fans who have been waiting to meet Phoenix Wright’s ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodo. The Great Ace Attorney series is finally making its way to North America in a collection called The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. The collection features both games (2013’s The Great Ace Attorney Adventures and 2017’s The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve) that originally only launched in Japan on the 3DS and mobile devices, and comes with perks like dual Japanese and English audio, three costumes, eight “slice of life” escapades, and a new auto-advancing story mode.

For those not in the know, The Great Ace Attorney series takes fans back in history to the turn of the 20th century during the Meiji Period in Japan and the Victorian era in Britain, and follows college student Ryunosuke Naruhodo as he studies to become a defense attorney and befriends the great “Herlock Sholmes” to help him investigate crime scenes to build his case and piece together clues. Did we mention that Sholmes’ assistant is a child prodigy, and none other than the daughter of Dr. John H. Watson? 

The games take you to both Japan and England, and will have you shouting the iconic  “Objection!” as you go to trials to defend your clients, facing off against big-wig attorneys like the ruthless Barok van Zieks. As seen in the trailer, you’re still rotating objects to find extra clues and spotting contradictions to deduce the truth. However, the biggest news was a series first: an auto-advancing story mode. This selects evidence on your behalf and allows you to purely focus on the narrative. Not bad if you enjoy just following the story and characters. 

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles launches on July 27 for PS4, Switch, and PC. As a way to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary, Capcom is also releasing the Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection, which has the entire Phoenix Wright trilogy alongside both great Ace Attorney games. If you purchase ‘From The Vaults” DLC early – it’s also included Turnabout Collection – you get extra goodies, such as art portraits and all-new arrangements 

For those interested in the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles’ voice actors, we have a list below of who will lend their vocal talents for each leading role:

Ryunosuke Naruhodo: Mark Ota
Susato Mikotoba: Rina Takasaki
Kazuma Asogi: Ben Deery
Herlock Sholmes: Bradley Clarkson
Iris Wilson: Claire Morgan
Barok van Zieks: Robert Vernon 

You can watch the announcement above, which has been a long time coming for English-speaking fans who have been begging for the series to get localized. Better yet, we really don’t have to wait long, with it hitting in July. I can’t wait to see how Ryunosuke Naruhodo compares to Phoenix Wright. Being an Ace Attorney is a family affair, after all. For more info, you can check out Capcom blog post here.

Were you expecting us to receive The Great Ace Attorney series reach our shores? Sound off in the comments below! 

Source: Gameinformer