Kingdom Hearts III is nearly upon us, and it’s looking extremely promising. The series is notorious, however, for its convoluted storyline that can be difficult to follow.

Square Enix recently uploaded several “memory archive” videos that act as a recap of Kingdom Hearts’ story so far, but the videos aren’t that great. Click here for the first one, but if you want a more detailed breakdown, the video below is much better. 

If Kingdom Hearts III will be your first entry to the series, or if you’re just looking for a refresher, this video could be helpful to you. The video creator, Barry Kramer, has only played the first and second Kingdom Hearts, but spoke to an expert on the series for a total of seven hours. It makes for a pretty cohesive (and funny!) video that simplifies some of Kingdom Hearts’ complex plot threads.

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For more on Kingdom Hearts’ story, read intern Hunter Wolfe’s feature about which plot points he hopes will be tied up in Kingdom Hearts III.

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