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Celebrate Hellboy's 30th Anniversary With These Stylish Nintendo Switch Controllers

If you’re looking for a new controller for your Nintendo Switch and celebrate 30 years of Hellboy, then the upcoming special-edition Nitro Deck and Neo S controllers will almost certainly be of interest. Featuring artwork sourced from the iconic Hellboy comic book Seed of Destruction, these special-edition controllers are available to preorder now for $60 each ahead of their mid-June release date.

CRKD Hellboy Nitro Deck
CRKD Hellboy Nitro Deck

Like the other Nitro Decks offered by CRKD, the Hellboy edition comes with full-size Hall Effect analog sticks and triggers, a conventional D-pad, four remappable back buttons, motion controls, rumble, turbo function, and curved handles. The cradle is compatible with both the standard and OLED Switch models, has a built-in kickstand for tabletop mode, and passthrough USB-C ports for charging and playing on a TV (with an adapter). The four back buttons can be remapped on the fly, and you can further customize your experience with the smartphone companion app. Stick caps can be swapped easily, and you’ll get a pair of alternate caps with the controller. Packs of eight stick caps can be purchased separately for $20. This particular Nitro Deck model doesn’t come with a carrying case, but you can purchase a case separately for $30.

CRKD Hellboy Neo S controller
CRKD Hellboy Neo S controller

The Neo S controller features similar Hellboy designs and is a cool option if you’re a fan of retro gaming. With NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis libraries available through Switch Online, this is a fun little device to have for when you’re in the mood for an old-school gaming experience. It also has everything you need for modern games, including a pair of analog sticks, four triggers, turbo function, and motion controls. Like the Nitro Deck, it has remappable back buttons (only two though), Hall Effect sticks, and has companion app support to adjust vibration intensity, stick dead zones, and stick sensitivity.

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