Check Out The First Trailer For Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Update: Disney released the trailer at D23. Ewan McGregor is also reprising his role as Obi-Wan in Kenobi: A Star Wars Story, a new Disney+ streaming series that takes place after the events of Solo.

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Disney’s D23 Expo is in full swing, and Star Wars fans are hoping for big reveals, such as a new trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and the first trailer for Star Wars: The Mandalorian, a streaming series set to debut on November 12 on Disney+. We haven’t seen either of these things yet, but Disney did just release the first official poster for The Mandalorian, which you can see below.

The familiarity of Tatooine is on full display in this image, showing moisture vaporators, sandcrawlers, and the two suns Luke would gaze upon. We also see the Mandalorian bounty hunter decked out in gear next to his ship the Razor Crest. Here’s hoping a trailer shows up later today or over the weekend.


Source: Gameinformer