Clash Royale Fans Should Keep An Eye On NFL Clash

A mobile game with “Clash” in its name will likely turn the heads of most Clash Royale players. Nifty Games’ first title, NFL Clash, clearly draws inspiration from Supercell’s popular competitive game with head-to-head battles lasting just a few minutes per match. You’ll also level up great NFL players to make them even better.

While Nifty isn’t quite ready to show NFL Clash in action just yet, the new company is determined to deliver a sports game that moves away from minigames and simulation, which we primarily see on mobile.

“NFL Clash will give fans all of the excitement of an NFL game in a much faster play session than deep sports simulations and include all of the customization, collection and real time competition that mobile clash-style game fans love,” says Pete Wanat, Nifty Games’ co-founder and chief creative officer.  “The game will be ultra accessible for even those who haven’t played a sports game in a long time, but with a depth of play that will allow players to assemble a team of their favorite NFL players thanks to Nifty Games’ partnership with the NFLPA.”

Nifty has secured over $15 million in funding for NFL Clash and other ventures, such as an unannounced NBA game. NFL Clash doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can keep an eye on its progress at Nifty’s official website.

We’ll have to wait to see how a clash-style football game plays (and if the idea even works), but I’m intrigued by the concept of an officially licensed sports game entering this competitive arena.

Source: Gameinformer