Cover Reveal – Resident Evil IX: Extra Large

Resident Evil invented the term survival horror ­– mostly because contending with the original game’s archaic tank controls was a true horror show. Putting up with the series’ campy atmosphere and cringe-worthy voice acting was a true test of a player’s endurance. It’s almost like Capcom was daring us not to play its games, but for years players have been rising to that challenge anyway.

Over the years, Capcom’s horror franchise has evolved in ever-stupider directions. For a while, the series competed with Zack Snyder over who could create a more over-the-top action sequence using a cast of vapid characters. Then the franchise experimented with online multiplayer action, on-rails shooting, first-person horror, and more online multiplayer before Capcom finally gave up and just remade the old hits.

It’s clear that Capcom is starting to run out of ideas for Resident Evil, so when the studio saw the internet’s enthusiasm for Lady Dimitrescu a collective sigh of relief rippled through the team. Here was an idea that hadn’t been exploited completely! Capcom is latching onto your love for the tall vampire like one of the oversized leaches from Resident Evil 0. In Resident Evil IX, Lady D is back to cause some trouble. Better yet, our favorite vampire (sorry Paul Rudd) is bigger than ever, and you won’t believe all the hats she’s going to wear. You can see her upcoming exploits in this month’s Game Infarcer.

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Cover Reveal – Resident Evil IX: Extra Large

Source: Gameinformer