Crackdown 3 Free Update 'Extra Edition' Available Now

Click here to watch embedded media In a free update called Extra Edition, Crackdown 3 hands players the keys to the city and gives players more freedom of creativity in both the campaign and Wrecking Mode multiplayer arena. 

“Keys to the City, a deep menu of Campaign tools and cheats that gives you control of the world and access to a wide variety of overpowered abilities.” says Crackdown 3 executive producer Jorg Neumann. “On your quest to reclaim New Providence, invite a co-op friend and create your own Faction Retaliations, or Lockdown the city and fight your way out with unlimited ammo and gadgets. Get creative by spawning enemies, vehicles, explosive barrels and other props wherever you’d like.” 

“But that’s not all… It wouldn’t be extra unless we talked about Wrecking Zone, Crackdown 3’s fully-destructible multiplayer battle arena. Today’s update brings a new vanity progression system to Wrecking Zone, with 100 tiers of items to customize your Agent! Earn Agency Points during matches to unlock holographic ‘LENS’ adornments, helmets, weapon skins—and more! We’ve also given the overall experience a fresh coat of paint, adding Agent customization screens, six different types of ‘Overdrive’ Skill boosts, and a host of other user interface updates. ”

Crackdown 3 Extra Edition is currently available for free on both Xbox One and PC.  

[Source: Xbox Wire]

Source: Gameinformer