Deep Silver Says Shenmue III Is Not Coming To Xbox One

People love exploring metadata, especially for video game websites. In the source code for the Shenmue III site, some users found references to the Xbox One, suggesting that the game might be coming to Microsoft’s console, as well. Some even speculated that the game’s recent delay to November might be in part because of the desire to launch it on the Xbox One at the same time.

Not so, says publisher Deep Silver. An Xbox One version is currently not in the cards, as the company tweeted in response to the rumors.

There is no planned version of Shenmue III for Xbox One.
— Official Deep Silver (@deepsilver) June 7, 2019

There’s a few possibilities here for Xbox-owning Shenmue fans. The game could still come down the line, as the wording certainly doesn’t rule it out. There’s a far less likely possibility that Deep Silver still plans to announce an Xbox One version, as we’re only days away from E3 and anything could be announced, but it would make their decision to deny it pretty baffling. 

Still, despite being published by Deep Silver, Shenmue III is still actually just a crowdfunded indie project. If another console is going to be added to the game, it would probably require a lot more time and money than is budgeted. There may be hope for the future, but not day and date.

Source: Gameinformer