Destiny 2: Season Of The Splicer 'Vault Of Glass' Raid Challenges Arrive Next Week

For those looking to up those stats in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer, an easy way to do that is to complete high-tier activities. This includes Legendary Lost Sectors, competitive PvP, and Raids. With Vault of Glass making its triumphant return to Destiny 2 with Season of the Splicer, it’s time to make that experience just a little more rewarding. For those itching for more ways to score better drops, Vault of Glass Raid challenges are arriving next week. 

Bungie confirmed the challenge drop news over on its latest blog post, confirming that whatever encounter has a unique Challenge Mode active will come with an additional chest as a reward. The catch? You actually have to complete the challenge successfully, so no dipping out, Guardians. 

Vault of Glass is arguably one of the best Raids that Destiny has ever offered between the two games in the franchise. If you had asked me before Beyond Light’s release, I would have said it was my favorite, but I think that crown has been taken by the beautiful Deep Stone Crypt Raid instead. 

Also included in the latest update is specific for Gaming Community Expo fans. The GCX showcase is kicking off next week, a community meetup that will be virtual this year from June 17 through June 20. There will be fun times to had but also loot to earn. Bungie has confirmed that it has hidden seven Dead Ghosts throughout the ‘space station .’ For those who attend and show YouTube footage proving that they’ve found all seven, there will be a special Emblem reward as a prize. Also, some stuff about being “doooooooomed” and lawyers dropping in to say that Bungie can’t say the universe is ending. I don’t know; you can check it out yourself right here. 


There will also be some charity work going down during next week’s event for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. The community is once more banding together to raise money for the kids (do it for the children!) while also hosting a special Emblem incentive for any $50 donations. Eris Morn’s voice actress, Morla Gorrondona, is also contributing by signing seven Eris Morn statues. For every $7 donation, there is a chance to score one of these collectible items. 

So that’s that, Guardians—charity and Vault of Glass Raid challenges. Not a bad week ahead. 

Source: Gameinformer