Destiny 2's Next Season Retools The Buildup To Its New Raid

Bungie is making changes to just about every aspect of Destiny 2 next month. We already knew a number of exotic items, including a fan-favorite, would see some nerfs. This week, Bungie outlined some changes it’s making to how players make their way to the new raid, Crown of Sorrow, as well as the real-money Eververse shop.

Destiny 2’s raids have normally launched after the start of their respective seasons. The Crown of Sorrow, however, will launch on the afternoon of the first day of the season, and accompanying that change are some tweaks to how players make their way up to it, as well as the race to be the first fireteam to clear the raid.

Before you can even enter the raid, you’ll have to complete a new quest that will reward you with 690-level gear not just for one character, but for all characters on your account after completing it just once. Until Crown of Sorrow is beaten, the two previous raids (Last Wish and Scourge of the Past) will be unavailable to prevent players from saving up Ethereal Keys (items acquired at the end of the Last Wish raid) from using them all at once to gain a large amount of power quickly.

What’s more, there will be a new modifier called Contest for the first 24 hours of the new season that will scale encounters more actively, preventing power levels beyond a certain threshold (700 for the raid’s first encounter, 720 for the final encounter) from providing a bonus. You can find out more about this change here.

Bungie is also making changes to the Eververse, its cosmetic item shop with real-money hooks. All new cosmetic items from this new season will be available for direct purchase on a weekly rotation. Cosmetic armor sets, also will be available as a bundle with fixed perk rolls, as well as individually. Additionally, this season’s cosmetic engram (the ones that drop when your experience bar fills up), will offer items from past seasons, with a focus on the game’s first year. Finally, items purchased for silver (the currency you pay real money for) are now “wrapped” and must be opened before you can use them normally. Any wrapped item can be refunded within seven days of purchase.

[Source: Bungie]

Source: Gameinformer