Destiny 2's Zavala Will Be Voiced By The Arbiter, Keith David, Moving Forward

Tragedy struck earlier this year when actor Lance Reddick passed away, and he left behind a rich filmography. In video games, Reddick was perhaps best-known as the voice of Commander Zavala, Destiny 2’s resolute Vanguard leader and a role that he had held since the first game launched in 2014. As a live-service game, Destiny 2 fans were wondering if Zavala would be written out of the story or if a new voice actor would take over, but his character will live on as Bungie reunites with a Halo legend to continue voicing him: Keith David.

No stranger to video games, David has appeared in many games over the years. He had an instrumental role in the Mass Effect trilogy as Captain David Anderson, the Arbiter in Halo, and a (highly fictionalized) version of himself in Saints IV.

The studio confirmed that David will voice Zavala in The Final Shape and beyond, but Reddick’s existing in-game lines will remain untouched for the upcoming release. Bungie added that it will always remain respectful to the role Zavala has played thus far and that it is looking forward to the journey ahead with David.

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Source: Gamespot