Devil May Cry 5 Is Capcom's Second-Biggest PC Launch Ever

Capcom continues its streak of great renditions of its classic series with Devil May Cry 5, and fans have proved rabid enough for stylish action to make the game the company’s second most-popular release on Steam.

According to third-party stat-tracking site SteamCharts, the title is currently sitting at an all-time peak of 88,735 concurrent players as of this writing. This makes it the second-largest launch Capcom has had on the platform. For perspective, Resident Evil sits at third place with an all-time high of 74,024, while Monster Hunter: World, the company’s current juggernaut, sits at a cool all-time high of 329,333 players.

Of course, it’s important to emphasize this is only for the PC versions of these games (the trio is Steam exclusive on PC for now). Sales and concurrent players of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of games are rarely made public, and could vary.

Still, if this launch applies similarly to those versions, outperforming Resident Evil bodes well for Capcom’s attempt to bring the series back.

[Source: SteamCharts via Twisted Voxel]

Source: Gameinformer