Diablo 4's Best Malignant Heart Is Now Way Better In Patch 1.1.1

Diablo IV’s patch 1.1.1 update has made an already incredibly sought after Malignant Heart, the Barber, even better, making it a best-in-slot pick for many of the game’s classes and builds. To add icing to the cake, Blizzard additionally released a hotfix to increase the drop and craft chance of Wrathful Hearts and Wrathful Invokers, which should make acquiring the Barber even easier.

Introduced as part Diablo IV Season 1’s Malignant Heart system, the Barber is a Wrathful Malignant Heart that causes critical strikes and the subsequent damage for several seconds after that crit to be absorbed by a target, with the amount of damage increasing over the course of the duration. After a few seconds, all the damage absorbed by the target then explodes, dealing damage to both the initial target and surrounding enemies.

This was incredibly strong to begin with, but the Barber suffered from a number of bugs and unintended interactions from the outset of Season of the Malignant. For starters, a bug caused it so that the damage of other players would also be absorbed, which was great for the player with the Barber equipped, but made it so other players near that player wouldn’t appear to be doing any damage. A number of abilities that benefited from Lucky Hit effects and other interactions also wouldn’t function while an enemy was under the Barber’s damage absorption effect, throwing a wrench into some builds.

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Source: Gamespot