Diablo Immortal Returns To Where It All Began For Its Dark Rebirth Update

Diablo Immortal is taking players back to where the story of Diablo truly began–beneath Tristram Cathedral.

In the original 1996 Diablo, players ventured into the dungeon underneath Tristram Cathedral to do battle with the game’s titular Lord of Terror, along the way facing iconic foes like the Butcher. The latest update for Blizzard’s free-to-play mobile entry in the ARPG franchise, titled Dark Rebirth, will see players returning to the iconic location–which has since appeared in Diablo II and Diablo III–in order to investigate recent disturbances.

Fresh off of randomly terrorizing players in Diablo IV, the Butcher will make his debut in Diablo Immortal once the update is live on September 20, once again stalking the halls of the dungeon beneath Tristram Cathedral. But the Butcher won’t be alone. Joining him will be new abominations, the Shardborne. This new type of enemy are beings corrupted by the shattered Worldstone, zombie-esque monsters that are part blood-crazed creature, part glowing red rock. To access the new Tristram storyline, players will need to have completed the Ancients’ Cradle main quest and reached Hell Difficulty III.

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Source: Gamespot