Dice Outlines Battlefield V's Roadmap For The Rest Of 2019

Dice recently detailed what the rest of the year looks like for Battlefield V. You can see the full list of planned expansions and events here, but here are the highlights, some of which have more specific dates that others.

Chapter 3: Trial By Fire

March 25 – Firestorm
April – Combined Arms (new missions)
May – Mercury (new map)
June – Outpost (new mode)
Chapter 4: Defying the Odds (starts in June)

Up Close and Personal (new maps and modes)
Marita (new map)
Urban Combat (new map)
Chapter 5 (begins in Fall)

Dice says that its chapter 4 content will appeal to players who like close-up combat and says that chapter 5 will cover a new “completely new theater of war”.

For more on Battlefield V, you can head here to read our review and here to see the game’s upcoming Firestorm mode in action.

[Source: EA.com]

Source: Gameinformer