Dirt 5 Heads To Next-Gen Horizons

Click here to watch embedded media Codemasters has been on fire the past few years, releasing great installments of series like Dirt Rally and F1, and now the off-road Dirt franchise continues on its own upward trajectory with Dirt 5 for Xbox Series X.

This installment naturally continues the focus on racing with various off-road vehicles, including buggies, trucks, “rock bouncers,” sprint cars, and rally cars, through challenges around the globe, including New York, China, Greece, Arizona, and Rio.

One of the main features of Dirt 5 is a career mode that’s a guided, yet non-linear experience. Veteran voice actors Troy Baker and Nolan North provide a narrative-driven path in the mode (they’re also featured in the in-game podcast featuring celebrity drivers and gamers), but it’s also non-linear in the sense that you don’t have to bang your head against events you’re not interested in.

One of the great features of Dirt 4 was its team-building focus revolving around keeping your cars in drivable form, and hopefully this returns and meshes with the mode’s seemingly more casual vibe.

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Dirt 5 also includes dynamic weather, more customization options than previous entries (including a livery editor), and a renewed focus on multiplayer. Apart from the usual online competitive play, four-player splitscreen is a nice return to relatively rare couch racing, and Codemasters is also teasing a new local and online multiplayer mode that’s focused on “creativity” and social play.

Dirt 5 is coming to Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC in October, as well as on PS4 and Xbox One (and Stadia in 2021). The game utilizes Microsoft’s Smart Delivery cross-buy system, which means if you own the Xbox One version you can play the game on the Xbox Series X for free.

Source: Gameinformer