Division 2 Title Update 10 Coming Next Week In Advance Of Season 2

 The Division 2’s second season is starting in a few weeks, and Ubisoft is paving the way with title update 10. The update, which hits June 16, promises “massive improvements and fixes” to the MMO shooter.

As for specifics, Ubisoft is being hilariously vague. Here’s what the company says is coming:

Player Power 
– Increased damage for nearly all weapons, including exotics 
– Gearset improvements 
– Brand set improvements 
Loot Generosity 
– Increased overall loot quality 
– Improved loot quality scaling with difficulty 
– Improved quality of crafted items 
– Improved vendor stocks 
Fixes and balancing 
– Major balancing pass 
– Large amount of bug fixes
Season 2 arrives on June 23, giving end-game players a series of timed missions to complete as they track down Aaron Keener’s remaining supporters in D.C. and New York City. The seasonal content is available at no extra charge to players who own the game’s Warlords of New York expansion, though this season introduces an optional season pass to unlock additional cosmetics.

Season 2 also introduces the game’s second raid, Operation Iron Horse. This eight-player battle requires coordinated tactics, and offers different rewards for level 30 and level 40 players.

Source: Gameinformer