Does Clementine Die In The Walking Dead's Finale?

Click here to watch embedded media We’ve been following Clementine for seven years now with one thing in mind: Keep her alive at costs. We started protecting her as Lee and then stepped into her shoes to ensure she learned  to survive in this violent, zombie-infested world. This week, the final episode of The Walking Dead released (you can read our review here for more info). The burning question is whether Clementine survived or met a similar fate to Lee in season one? 

While on the podcast this week, I discussed my thoughts on the final season, but for those who wanted to know, I shared what happened in my ending in a short post-feature segment.

So, is she still not bitten? You can watch the video above to find out the answer if you desperately need to know.  You’ve been warned, though: This is the ultimate spoiler. 

Source: Gameinformer