Doom 3 VR Announced With New Shaders, Textures, And More For PSVR

Rip and tear, virtual reality fans,  because Sony has just announced that Doom 3 VR is on the way for PSVR players. What’s more terrifying than a usual trip to Mars to fight for your life? Taking a trip to Mars to fight for your life in VR. 

In a recent PlayStation Blog post, Bethesda’s associate content manager Parker Wilhelm detailed what players can expect with Doom 3: VR Edition when it arrives on March 29. The title itself arrives later this month for PlayStation 4 players with a backwards compatible version for those that own a PS5. 

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Doom 3: VR Edition comes with a completely revamped base game, both the Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission expansions, and a completely retooled experience specifically made with VR in mind. For those that have played the original, remember all of those itty bitty claustrophobic areas? Yeah, now you can feel like you’re there in real life with VR, and Bethesda promises that it will be amazing. 

Some of the VR enhancements that players can expect include full control over how much you can look around each corner with refined camera angles, flashlight-mounted weapons for those darker spaces, 180-degree quick-turn functionality, and wrist trackers that allows you to keep tabs on your vitals like health, ammo count, and armor integrity. 

Doom 3 was already an incredible experience and now that it’s coming to VR with a few key improvements, this horror-action adventure is going to be the ride of our lives…at least until the next Doom adventure is announced.

What do you think about Doom 3: VR Edition for PSVR? Are you itching to check out this experience when it debuts on March 29? Sound off with those hellish thoughts in the comment section below! 

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