Doom Eternal First Look: A Bigger, Badder, Bloodier Demon Fest

Id Software program’s new imaginative and prescient for Doom debuted at QuakeCon in 2014. As imps and demons have been torn to shreds with bullets and chainsaws, the gang roared in approval, and clearly needed to see extra.

Flash ahead 4 years, and the bloodthirsty cry for extra was answered: id as soon as once more gave QuakeCon attendees the primary take a look at Doom Everlasting, the subsequent chapter within the studio’s flagship collection.

Id’s Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin took to the stage with heavy steel blaring as loudly as the gang’s screams. Stratton was stunned by the gang’s enthusiasm, giving them a, “F— yeah. You guys are unbelievable. It is superior to be again right here.”

The Doom Everlasting presentation started with idea artwork that confirmed the Demon Slayer’s new look, which incorporates armor tweaks and new instruments. Stratton stated id’s focus was making this interpretation of the Doom Slayer probably the most highly effective hero the studio has ever created.

As you’ll be able to see, the Doom Slayer boasts modified armor with an extendable blade, spikes on the gloves, an over-the-shoulder attachment (which might equip flamethrowers, missiles, and grenade launchers), and simply as a lot inexperienced as he is at all times worn. His boots additionally grant him the power to carry out a brand new omnidirectional sprint maneuver to provide him just a little burst of velocity when he wants it.

Whereas he seems like a formidable killing machine with nothing in his fingers, id has developed loads of new and up to date weapons for him to wield. The return of the Tremendous Shotgun was greeted with a cheer, which now has a Meat Hook under its barrels. The Meat Hook is not simply used to stab enemies within the face; it capabilities like a grapple that permits gamers to latch onto one thing at a terrific distance and pull the Doom Slayer nearer to it. The momentum of that pull can propel the Doom Slayer in numerous instructions, permitting for huge quantities of area to be gained within the air.

Different new armaments embrace a handheld ballista, a redesigned rocket launcher, a plasma rifle, and one thing referred to as the Crucible Sword. What’s going to the Doom slayer use them towards? Martin says this sequel boasts twice as many enemies because the earlier recreation. Together with a bunch of demons we have by no means seen earlier than, id is bringing again the Ache Elemental, Arachnotron, and Archvile, to call a number of. One of many new beasts is called the Marauder, and Martin teased that he seems just like the Doom slayer for a cause. The extent of element in every of those creatures is spectacular, as are their loss of life animations, which now unfold by way of new expertise id calls “Destructible Demons.” In a collection of stills, we might see how taking bullets incrementally impacts a demon’s limbs, pores and skin, and organs.


The brand new gameplay demo begins on a well-known notice: With the Doom Slayer placing on his helmet. We then see him check out his blade by extending it for a second earlier than retracting it. As he strikes ahead, it turns into shortly obvious we aren’t on hell anymore. The fires are actually on Earth tearing aside one in every of its cities. Skyscrapers lay in destroy, and demon are in all places, even descending from the skies.

The primary jiffy of motion play out like a biggest hits reel from the earlier recreation, displaying the demon slayer unloading clips into slow-moving demons, and periodically speeding in to decapitate one or feed it its personal coronary heart as a meal. The fluidity of play is spectacular, holding true to the 60 frames per second that id achieved within the authentic. The surroundings is huge open and vertical, permitting for the Meat Hook for use to succeed in larger areas and stretch throughout fiery pits. We even see the slayer launch into the air, seize onto a yellow pipe for a split-second, and swing to a different space. Whereas the gunplay appears rote at this level, the Doom Slayer’s vary of mobility impresses, and he may even make new paths for himself by punching by way of partitions or scurrying up them along with his new gloves.

Whereas the gunplay seems enjoyable, probably the most attention-grabbing parts that happen throughout it are the little issues, just like the periodic flamethrower burst from his shoulder attachment, which stuns a few enemies, permitting for ammo to be sprayed at them safely. The glory kills are as violent as at all times, however not one of the executions have been radically totally different than stuff we noticed within the final recreation. Heads go flying, our bodies are cut up in two in a wide range of methods, and a stern punch can splatter brains. Probably the most attention-grabbing glory kills integrated the slayer’s new blade, which in a single occasion doubled as a skewer for a coronary heart. You additionally aren’t rewarded with as a lot ammo or well being for performing glory kills; the one pinata like impact we noticed occurred when the Doom Slayer ripped by way of an enemy along with his chainsaw.

As fast-paced because the motion was, id revealed that it was being performed on a controller, after which confirmed what that very same space and fight might appear like when turned up a notch whereas being performed on a keyboard and mouse. The heavy steel intensified and the our bodies hit the ground with ease and at an nearly hilarious velocity.


This second playthrough additionally teased one thing new in an “Invasion” alert that appeared on the display. Invasions let you enter one other participant’s recreation as a demon. You’ll be able to even invite a number of of your mates to enter another person’s recreation collectively as a slayer looking get together.

Stratton stated that the sport will not simply be set on Earth and Hell, and teased rather more. “We’re not simply making a Doom recreation anymore. We’re making a Doom universe,” he stated. Certainly one of these new locations is Phobos, a technologically superior place that homes an enormous skyscraper-sized model of the BFG referred to as the BFG 10,000.

When the Slayer arrives on Phobos, the folks operating the station are in awe of him. They again away, murmuring how he should not be there, and one man is so speechless that he would not say something when the Slayer grabs the crimson keycard from round his neck and drags him in his wheeled chair to open a door. The slayer additionally silently takes a weapon out of the fingers from a soldier. He apparently has fairly the status right here.

The Phobos space delivered extra of the frenzied fight Doom is thought for. The demonstration ends with a tease of a boss battle and the promise of a brand new weapon getting used to tear this foe huge open – the crucible blade.

Doom Everlasting would not have a launch date or window but, however is in growth for PlayStation four, Xbox One, PC, and Change. Let’s hope this implies the Change model will launch alongside the others this time.

The gang at QuakeCon ate up the violence once more, however the cheers weren’t as loud as in 2014. The shock issue simply is not there: id is not reinventing the system once more. The roar of approval had extra of an “I am unable to wait to get my fingers bloody on this world once more” tone to it, and that is precisely what id is inviting gamers to do.

You’ll be able to try the in depth footage within the video under beginning at 1:10:56.