Dota Underlords Gets Its First Free 'Proto Pass' While In Beta

About a month after its initial beta release on Steam, Valve’s official take on the auto-battler genre is getting its first battle pass.

The “Proto Pass,” is free for all beta participants, though it’s likely future iterations of this battle pass will have to be paid for. The pass lets players earn experience from playing games and offer various rewards for leveling up, including new boards to play on, visual flairs for win streaks and respawns, and fireworks going off when you win, among other things. For the full breakdown, check out Valve’s official page.

Of course, a large part of the Proto Pass being free is that Valve is looking for feedback on the thing, so you see something you want or would like to tell the company what you think, be sure to send them feedback about it.

But what the heck is an auto-battler, and why should you care about Underlords? You find our explainer here, and watch a video of Valve’s game in action below.

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Source: Gameinformer