EA: Battlefield V Did Not Meet Sales Expectations

During EA’s fiscal earnings call today, CEO Andrew Wilson announced that Battlefield V missed its sales expectations for the holiday quarter.

Wilson attributed Battlefield V’s underperformance to several factors. First was the game’s month-long delay from October 19 to November 20, which pushed the title into a busier holiday season. Wilson also pointed to prioritizing single-player content over Battlefield V’s still unreleased battle-royale mode as a contributing factor to the poor sales. Later in the call, CFO Blake Jorgensen offered specific numbers: Battlefield V has sold 7.3 million copies, putting it 1 million units below the company’s expectations.

That said, EA touted that 27 million players have played Battlefield games over the past year, and that they are committed to “long-term live service” for their players. Battlefield V’s battle royale mode is set to launch in March.

Source: Gameinformer