Elite Dangerous' Next Major Expansion Planned For Late 2020

Elite Dangerous developer Frontier has outlined its content plans for the spacefaring game, including a “mammoth” content drop coming in the latter half of 2020.

The update comes via a post on the Elite Dangerous forum, and while it doesn’t divulge specific information on the incoming paid content, the post refers to it as the “biggest update yet,” and it will be free for lifetime expansion pass owners.

To tide players over while they wait for the new content, Frontier plans to tweak existing content and offer new monthly events. Community Goals will see some of these changes: players can expect new scenarios, reputation and reward boosts (such as Superpower reputation increases), and “global galactic changes.”

In addition to changes to Community Goals, Frontier plans regular updates every three-to-four months. The first two updates will focus on welcoming experiences for new players and will introduce quality of life improvements. Later updates will add new features, perks, and content – although what these are remains a mystery.

Elite Dangerous launched in 2014 and has seen numerous updates since then. You can read our thoughts on the game in our original review. 

[Source: Frontier]

Source: Gameinformer